Urban Farm U


Have you ever wanted to free yourself from the disconnected nature of our industrial food system? To take control of your health, connect to the earth, and foster a more enriching life.  Well you can do all this and more simply by growing your own life-nurturing food. At Urban Farm U we provide the inspiration, knowledge and tools that promote and encourage healthy lives and environments so you can pursue your goals and dreams of a healthier life with a community of people who care.

Urban Farm U Helps You:

  • Gain the knowledge for a healthier, happier you
  • Plant the seeds for growing healthier food for life while gathering knowledge for an abundant future
  • Gather food wisdom for your world for your life
  • Energize your food evolution

What you learn you can:

  • Grow healthier food for a happier you that will nourish your life and transform your world.
  • Understand the processes of nature and how to integrate them into your life
  • Join the real food revolution
  • Gain your food freedom

How you can learn:

  • Online through Free Webinars which are 45-75 minutes long and cover a variety of useful topics
  • Online through our popular and empowering Urban Farm Courses taught by key educators on important skills and concepts toward growing your own foods