Tres Hermanas Ranch


The Home of PureLifeBeef PureLifeBeef: A Higher Standard Than "Organic"  

Our bulls and cows are in a closed herd, so there are no auction animals, open range or stockyard animals, which accounts for their good health and phenomenal conception rate. With no infections and no gut inflammation due to grain feeding, there is no need for antibiotics. We have never administered any hormones to our cattle and they breed, conceive, and calve in the grassy pastures as one big happy family. We rotate the pastures regularly and the large open spaces and hillsides on our ranch provide for natural exercise. Purchasing local, grass-fed, grass-finished organic Angus beef for your family dinner table is a wise and healthy choice.



  • No corn
  • No grain
  • No GMO
  • No antibiotics
  • No hormones
  • All Natural Purebred Angus Cattle