The Micro Farm Project


The Micro Farm Project is a family owned urban farm and informational outreach in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. On a quarter-acre parcel, we produce: Naturally grown vegetables and fruits, Farm-fresh chicken and quail eggs, Heritage turkeys, Raw goat milk and cheese, Lamb, Pickles, relishes, jams and jellies, Artisan breads, GF desserts and other natural goodies. We are in the cultivation business: nurturing the environment and the land, growing wholesome food, restoring the economy, and reviving hospitality.

Our purpose is to inspire, train and support gardeners and urban farmers through sharing our experiences, offering training and classes, as well as providing resources to the community. Farm tours offer the public a demonstration of how much food can be cultivated, using natural and sustainable practices, on a standard city lot. Experience the delight of growing food, eating well and enjoying community.