Sun Produce Cooperative


Sun Produce Cooperative (SPC) is a multi-stakeholder co-op that includes producers, distributors, buyers and market specialists. The co-op's most active 8 growers currently have about 215 acres in production. The farmers production and business experience ranges from 30 years to 3 years, all in the valley of the sun.

Planting and harvesting year-round, they offer a variety of more than 80 fresh and local items per season! Sun Produce is happy to provide to schools, institutions, wholesalers and retail. SPC has the ability to aggregate and deliver orders, as well as grow specific items for specific customers.

Additionally, Sun Produce offers a CSA through the Farm Raiser Program, a Healthy Fundraising Option for Schools! Enjoy seasonal produce and healthy eating while supporting your school's PTA / PTO and local farmers. 

Operates year-round: four 8-week sessions; $200 / session ($25 / week, weekly payments accepted)Subscribe per session and receive a weekly bag of 8 -10 farm fresh local in-season items. PTO / PTA receives 10% of sales to spend to support students, families and the school. Convenient pick- up hours and locations based on your school. Contact us for more details.