Stotz Dairy


Our purpose is to maximize profitability by efficiently producing the maximum amount of high quality milk per cow while consistently treating employees with respect and cattle with care. Stotz Dairy is a family owned dairy that was founded in 1981 by the Thompson and Rosztoczy families. It is located in the picturesque Sonoran Desert of central Arizona.

The dairy started with 539 cows and 4 employees. Stotz Farming began with 1,300 acres in the Buckeye area. In 2013, an additional farm was purchased in the neighboring town of Gila Bend. This 1,000-acre farm was not a farm at all. In fact, it was all desert land. After clearing the brush and trees, we installed a subsurface drip irrigation system in order to maximize water efficiency and crop production. After a few more acquisitions, our total acreage is now at 3,650. In order to further improve feed quality, Stotz Harvest was formed in 2013.

We now harvest all of our own alfalfa and oats as well as custom harvest alfalfa that is purchased for the dairy from neighboring farmers. Twelve loads of greenchop alfalfa are harvested and hauled to the dairies 365 days a year. Any excess alfalfa beyond the greenchop needs is either baled, drychopped, or put up as haylage by our harvest crew. Stotz Dairy's expansion which began in 2010 has increased our work force from 43 employees to 185. A large part of these new employees are Burmese political refugees hired through the International Rescue Committee. We also hire skilled cow care specialists through the use of TN visas. Many of our employees have been with us for over 20 years! We realize that none of our growth and success would be possible without our amazing people. Their passion, dedication, and care for our cows and crops is what makes Stotz Dairy a leader in the dairy industry.