Spaces of Opportunity


SPACES OF OPPORTUNITY: Mission is to enable all South Phoenix families to have affordable access to healthy food, active living and healthy roots of their cultures.

INCUBATOR FARM PLOTS: Spaces provides quarter-acre to one-acre plots of land with a preference to farmers with limited resources who are part of the South Phoenix community. For more information, contact John at 602.509.6042.

FARMERS MARKET: Our Harvest/Nuestra Cosecha Farmers Market and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) subscription is a cooperative agreement between farmers who grow without chemicals, market their produce primarily in South Phoenix and work together with mentor farmers. For more information, contact Tawsha at 480.270.9414.

VOLUNTEER: Join us every second Saturday at Spaces for Community Work Days led by TigerMountain Foundation. To sign up, contact Darren at 213.300.8846.

COMMUNITY GARDENING: For $5 a month, community members can rent a plot to plant, grow and harvest produce for their own use, or to share with others. Regular events are also held at the community garden to celebrate food, diverse culture and community. For more information, contact Bruce at 602.826.9824.