Snoh Ice Shavery


Snoh Ice Shavery's journey starts 6000 miles away on a small island in the South China Seas, where a frozen dessert known to the locals as BaoBing (shaved snow) was invented. Their goal, bring the authenticity and excitement of this little known frozen treat to the city of Phoenix. Snoh Ice is a cross between ice cream and traditional shaved ice. The fluffy melt in your mouth texture of snow is combined with the creamy flavorful taste of ice cream, making this new frozen dessert unlike anything you've tried before.

Snoh Ice Shavery, they believe in being active in their community and have many fundraising programs in place to help the schools and other non-profit organizations in the area. By offering an authentic and unique frozen dessert, and concentrating on helping others, they strive to become the new community favorite when it comes to beating the heat.


914 E Camelback Road Suite 4B
Phoenix, Arizona 85014
United States

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