Sedona Microgreens


Sedona Microgreens is a local greenhouse located in Sedona, Arizona. Operated by Cindy Forsythe, you can choose from varieties of microgreens raised in a clean, sustainable environment... Applying the best practices using pesticide-free, non-GMO methods with exclusive added nutrients, you can be assured of fresh, healthy greens to add to your menu in restaurants and at home!


255 Bristlecone Pines Road
Sedona, Arizona 86336
United States

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  • Non-GMO, organic seeds.
  • Organic Coco Coir is growing medium.
  • PH balanced reverse osmosis water.
  • Plants grown in sunlight in greenhouse.
  • We will grow specific microgreens upon request.
  • We are located in West Sedona.


Monday-Sunday call 8am to 7pm. Email or text anytime.