Roots Micro Farm


We are an urban farm in old town Flagstaff, Arizona that grows high quality, specialty produce all year around. We grow food for the local market and some of the best restaurants in town. Feel free to stop by the farm anytime and see how we grow our local microgreens, vegetables, flowers, and herbs.

In 2016 Maddy and I moved back to Flagstaff, AZ and began growing colorful and delicious microgreens for several restaurants in an 8x15 ft. greenhouse. Since then we've become stewards of a 1/4 acre lot on Birch Ave, in the old townsite area. 

Our bio-intensive techniques allow us to utilize more growing space per square ft. which is essential for small scale farming. We grow in high rotation beds that allow multiple harvests throughout the year while continuously building the soil. We are able to prep, plant and harvest with simple hand tools, and continuously strive to have a more sustainable approach to growing. Our methods take time but life on our farm is important and that is why we strive to preserve soil integrity and grow the healthiest plants possible.  

We believe that starting small is important as young farmers. Everyday we learn something new and interesting about the processes of nature. We give thanks to everyone who has helped us along the way. Lets continue to work together to create a more beautiful future for the generations to come.