Rex's Perogies


We are a small local business dedicated to making the freshest most tasty Polish Perogies . I have used my Nana's recipe that has been in our family for years.

Polish Perogies are dumplings filled with either savory or sweet fillings. We sell 4 different types. We have Potato & cheese, Potato, cheese & Hatch roasted green chile, Mushroom & Onion, and Sauerkraut & onion. Our perogies are all organic, non-gmo, and locally sourced from local farmers & fellow vendors. Our dough is made in small batches & all of our fillings are made from scratch. Throughout the year we make special seasonal perogies depending on what is fresh at the farmers markets - using local & organic items. Some examples: pumpkin, strawberries, fig, plum & peaches.

They are all Vegetarian & sold frozen.

We sell them at the Heirloom farmers markets. The Oro Valley location on Saturdays & Rillito racetrack at our new food pavilion along the river walk on Sundays. Winter hours are 9-1 pm. We are also available 7 days a week at the Food Conspiracy Co op. They are sold in 1/2 dozens in the freezer section.