Regenerating Sonora & Leo's Community Development Center


What will we be thanked for 7 Generations from now? What is required of us in order to pass on a better world than the one we find ourselves in?

Regenerating Sonora, Inc. is living these global questions out locally. We’re spearheading the Re-Localization movement and developing community capacity for advancing the common good.

Leo’s Community Development Center is a container for nurturing the potential of Superior, Arizona and the greater Queen Creek watershed it’s nested in. We’re moving towards a locally sourced, circular community through the practice of Regenerative Development. We see Superior becoming a global inspiration in community living.

Examples of what our community is up to:

  • Developing local food systems by launching a network of community gardens and staffing and supporting Superior’s Farmer’s Market
  • Hosting world class thought leaders, and facilitating workshops to cultivate more ideas and inspiration
  • Developing social cohesion by inviting community members to participate in activities like Talking Circles
  • Developing our Story Of Place by uncovering the common pattern language between geological, hydrological, biological, and social organizing
  • Creating space for whatever else wants to emerge. (Repair Cafe?)

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