Reevis Mountain School of Self-Reliance


Reevis Mountain School, located in the eastern Superstition Wilderness of Arizona, provides a place of inspiration, peace, and reverence for nature, where students and interns can learn natural healing and self-reliance skills, experience growing their own food, develop spiritual awareness, enjoy a spirit of community, and live healthfully.


Peter Bigfoot, Reevis's founder, has created a homestead of joy, magic, and healing, a place and way of life that reflects his motto: Live what you love!



Reevis's farm is rustic and natural, but provides most of the residents' needs throughout the year. It consists of a half-acre garden that produces year round, an orchard of one hundred fruit and nut trees, a screen-covered grape vineyard, a stone greenhouse, a stone shower house with solar-heated water, a stone power house, a workshop, various pens and coops for poultry, seven yurpees (yurt/teepee combination), two double cabins with wood-burning stoves, and two single cabins with gas heat. The farm hosts a flock of chickens, turkeys, and ducks, as well as the customary farm cats. The original ranch house still stands, housing a kitchen, a healing room with treatment table, a large workroom, and a library with hundreds of books and videos.

Aerial view of the garden


7448 S. J-B Ranch Rd., Roosevelt, AZ 85545
Roosevelt, Arizona 85545
United States

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