Recycled City


Where fresh, local food rises from the ashes of your recycled food waste! At Recycled City we make recycling your food waste easier than ever before! With air-tight buckets, bags of Bokashi, and weekly pick-up services we encourage you to join us in regenerating urban farmland and creating fresh, local food. If you love local food, you'll love recycling your food waste because the key to healthy local farms is healthy soil. Currently, precious top-soil is being lost due to deforestation, conventional agriculture, and other destructive practices that remove biomass. This is called soil erosion. On top of this, food comes to us from thousands of miles away and then we send the old and unused food to landfills where it rots away and pollutes our air. Instead of participating in a destructive cycle, recycle! Join us.


PO Box 24389
Phoenix, Arizona 85074
United States

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