Our Neighbor's Farm & Pantry


Over 8000 people in Graham County live in poverty. Poverty often limits the food choices a family can make and is linked to many diet-related diseases. Vegetables, an important part of a healthy diet, can be hard to come by for people with limited budgets. Food banks, too, don’t always find it easy to acquire fresh, appetizing produce. Part of the purpose of the garden at Our Neighbors Farm & Pantry is to increase the amount of healthy food available for distribution. Each year the garden grows upwards of 25,000 pounds of vegetables and fruit.

The garden is for learning about food and nutrition too, and hundreds of school children take part. They grow produce from seed to harvest, learn about healthy food choices, and experience the pleasure of eating fresh garden vegetables. Our Neighbors Farm & Pantry classes help children get started right with healthy food.

Students learn by making and doing, by apprenticing with experienced workers and gardeners, by asking questions and taking part in discussions, and through listening, reading, writing, drawing, and remembering.



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