Mother Nature's Farm


My parents, Sam and Edie Kelsall, purchased this property in 1968. This farm was to replace the one the city was engulfing at Dobson and Elliot. To the East was Smitty's grocery and to the west was Chilcott's Dairy. Being next to the dairy the farm grew mainly alfalfa. Soon the dairy moved and by 1980 Sam had decided to grow something to sell to the city folks. They were moving closer every day. But what? He settled on Christmas trees. After finding the right tree (elderica pines) to grow we started planting in 1980. After two years of failure we were off and running. Three years to market a Christmas tree is a very short time for trees. Our first tree sales were 1985. Our customers loved that they could pick and cut their tree. Most, having just purchased a new home near the farm, more city, were in need of landscaping. Well, we became the only choose and dig lot in the country. The farm has close to 3000 trees planted and plant as many as we sell every year. We now grow almost 40 acres of pumpkins in Duncan, AZ. Along with gourds, squash, and other fall ornamentals. The patch its self is one acre north of the barn. The store is also north of the barn under the tents.