Meg's Place Fort Thomas, Arizona


Meg's Place is a restaurant/bakery/convenience store located in Fort Thomas Arizona.

In 2019 McCoy and Cathie Hawkins along with Russ and Jani Norton Purchased the Keens Fort Thomas Store. Named it Meg's Place after Megan Norton. Russ and Jani's youngest daughter who has Down syndrome. Megan works every day at the store. Renovated it and on November 1 2019 start serving food to the community. We have authentic Indian Fry bread. Some of the Best Green Chili and Hamburgers and fries in the Gila Valley. Come in and try some of the Best Food in Graham County.


15560 W. Highway 70
Fort Thomas, Arizona 85536
United States

Fort Thomas Arizona

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  • Restaurant
  • Convenience Store


7 am to 7pm Monday thru Saturday Closed Sunday