Madison's Original Hot Sauce


A Spicy Bit of American History Finally Revealed Brad Child has redefined the standard conception of hot sauce. Since 2004, Madison's Hot and Madison's "M" sauces have both been made with low calorie, gluten free, vegan ingredients and both are extremely versatile - much more so than other condiments in the same category. It is a throwback to the way our ancestors cooked. It's all natural and has no preservatives, says Child. Child has over twenty years experience as a restaurant consultant, but it was in his own home, after being dissatisfied with a recipe for roasted peppers he had found online that he created Madison's. As more and more of his friends tasted it, followed by chefs in the restaurant industry, it was clear that he had stumbled into something special. Realizing the potential of his creation, as well as a lack of choices in the hot sauce arena, Child set out to market his product under the aegis of one of the great names in American History, President James Madison. Channeling President Madisons dedication to the power of choice as a fundamental element in our way of life and his unwillingness to accept the status quo, Brad Child honors that freedom. Madison's two flavors are both more nuanced than other sauces in the same category. Madisons Original Hot Sauce has a bit of kick but will stand apart from typical southwestern flavor many would expect from a bottle labeled "hot sauce." The milder and extremely versatile Madison's "M" Sauce can be used to add spice to any dish or as a marinade for any hearty entre. He is reinventing hot sauce by hearkening to the recipes of our forefathers, before food was loaded with preservatives and artificial substitutes, and when spices were essential for flavoring any meat dish. Madison's is something new and nuanced and will appeal to gourmands from coast to coast. Madisons Original Hot Sauce is available online at for purchase, and can be found on the tables of some of the Valleys hot spots

Found At: Whole Foods, AJ's Fine Foods, Keif Joshua Vineyards, Delux Burger, Stadium Club, Dino's Greek and Italian, Moonshine Whiskey Bar and Grille, Brat Haus, Durant's Steakhouse, Maizie's Cafe and Bistro