Lia's Lemonade


We pick your tree while helping grow a community!
Our mission is to utilize food resources within the local community that are in overabundance and under appreciated and turn private and public garden extras into useful products within that same community.
I began urban harvesting in my local neighborhood and sharing the bounty of a few with many. I quickly realized that citrus was our local abundance. Everyone that grew them used them to their family's fullest, shared around but when done juicing and freezing enough, their tree still had an overabundance. So many in fact, that I realized the need to find a great solution that used A Lot at once. Lemon syrup sounded simple enough, so I began juicing with my family's help along the way.

The process sounded simple and the results were delicious sunshine so a great syrup was born and a local concept grew. A commercial juicer was purchased for this mighty job.
Between your abundance and generosity, Lia's Lemonade aims to take your extra lemons and put them to good use. We turn local extras into liquid sunshine so you can enjoy a great glass of lemonade and others can too!