Killian Beef


All of the cattle are raised at one of the South Eastern Arizona ranches where they grow and develop on native grass and browse (mesquite beans, chamise, other desert plants), and are supplemented all natural protein supplements. And it's all natural! No hormones, no antibiotics in the feed, no unfamiliar or unknown sources of cattle, just 100% all natural Killian Ranch raised beef.

We sell beef from an ON-FARM shop located at 4741 E. Southern Ave. in Mesa, AZ. We also sell finished steers along with hauling services to a local processor so that you can fill your freezer with restaurant quality beef, at incredibly affordable prices -- We welcome tours of the farm in Mesa, it is great for kids to learn where their food comes from, and you can see how we humanely raise our cattle. Stop on by and see us!


Friday and Saturday 10 AM - 6 PM


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