Java Jake's


At Java Jake's, we share a passion for quality coffees from around the world. We believe that everyone is different. Because we are all so different, we like our coffees in different ways. Some like dark coffee with cream and sugar and some like a lighter roasted coffee to bring out the natural flavors of the bean. Both ways of drinking coffee are great to those people.

At Java Jake's we will not tell you how your coffee should be roasted. We will roast to a level YOU like. If you aren't sure, we are happy to roast your coffee order to the level we like the best. At Java Jake's we to experiment with our coffee. We like to mix different coffees and different coffee roasting levels in a wide variety of ways. We often discover some great combinations, allowing us to offer a variety of coffee blends. Beware, we are picky about our blends and they last only as long as the beans we create them from. When the beans are no longer available, we retire that blend until we can make it again.

Do you like to drink coffee and give back to your community? You can do that! The Coffee That Cares program is a program that allows qualified non-profit groups to partner with Java Jake's and earn 5% of each sale dedicated to that organization.


Phoenix, Arizona
United States

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