Indulge Irresponsibly


Indulge Irresponsibly, LLC is a local home-based organic scratch vegan bakery, providing some of the most creative custom and flavorsome desserts in the valley since 2018 (with dietary and allergy-friendly options available). Indulge Irresponsibly is also a socially and environmentally responsible bakery that undertakes and supports community initiatives geared towards the betterment of people in less affluent Phoenix communities. A percentage of sales go towards creating access, education, and sustainability to healthy sustainable food systems in less affluent communities in the Phoenix Metro Area. Indulge Irresponsibly, responsibly!


Indulge Irresponsibly, LLC is committed to making brisk decisions to protect the environment and manage our environmental impact responsibly. Indulge Irresponsibly has taken a number of steps to reduce our environmental impact and underscore our commitment to sustainability.


To note a few:

-Compostable, biodegradable, reusable and/or recyclable packaging to wholesale clients and customers.

-Eco-friendly packaging from The Bottle Box for single use items.

-Composting compostable waste, while recycling or reusing the discarded material.

-Purchasing ingredients and materials from local sources in the valley