Homestead Gardens CSA



Homestead Gardens C.S.A. Is fresh from the garden, locally grown produce delivered to your home weekly.

C.S.A. is Community Supported Agriculture. Meaning that the Customer and the Farmer are working together to provide healthy, seasonal vegetables for your family, while allowing us, the farm, to make a living growing food on the land.

This program ensures that the vegetables which are pre-sold can be harvested at the peak of maturity for best flavor and optimal nutrient value with minimal handling. Prepaying ensures that the grower has working capital to purchase irrigation supplies, seed, and tools needed to keep the gardens producing. Buying local produce in season also reduces toxic emission pollution caused by the shipping process.

The cost of a subscription is $250.00 per quarter. A quarter is 13 weeks, one delivery per week. For $19.25 a week you can have fresh from the garden vegetables delivered right to your door. The amount of food delivered will vary from week to week, as will the assortment.

We have a limited number of subscriptions available at this time. If you are interested in subscribing, please contact Me, Kennie Lee, by phone at (928-485-0308) to arrange payment and delivery schedule.