Heartquist Hollow Farm


Our family lives on a small piece of land in Arizona where we grow and raise some of our food. My husband and I have three beautiful daughters.  When not running them to sports or 4-H, we spend time working our Australian Shepherds, creating in the kitchen together, and building chicken tractors for the farm.  We care for too many chickens to count (but named by the kids), sweet Clementine, Melvin, and the rest of our Kunekune pigs, and a herd of Katahdin sheep led by Enrique.

We strive to be connected to the food we eat. Seasonal Tarts & Farm Baked Goods in Jars. From scratch. Organically grown.

Half and whole lamb shares are also available, born and raised on our small family farm in Gilbert, AZ.

Higley and Gilbert were founded on agriculture and family farms.  Much of this land used for agriculture has been developed over the years while smaller portions have remained unincorporated county islands.  Our urban farm is located on one of these county islands producing a variety of products that we sell to both individuals and businesses.