Fuerza Local Community Kitchen


The Fuerza Local Community Kitchen is a collaborative space located near downtown Mesa, Arizona. The kitchen is available to food entrepreneurs who are looking to start or grow their business and need a fully equipped space for small and large food operations to use at a low cost. Our space supports residents through entrepreneurial development and skills training, and aims to advance a healthy and engaged culinary community. We believe that through food, we cultivate inclusive and creative communities for generations to come.

  • The Commercial Kitchen is 2,500 square feet and capable of large and small food productions, including large scale catering, preparing for farmers markets, or food truck prep without the cost and liability by providing them a fully equipped, professional space to be successful.
  • Cooking and gardening classes are offered through the Community Kitchen to support the neighborhood kids and families all year long. Our after-school program teaches young chefs how to grow and prepare easy, healthy meals using simple, fresh ingredients.
  • The Restaurant Startup Bootcamp is a quarterly program lead by Chef Gabe, Farm to Table Manager and Executive Chef. The Bootcamp is a 6-week course designed for food entrepreneurs looking to jumpstart their business without high costs and liability by providing them with the necessary tools to succeed.