Flavor Made Simple, DL Foods, LLC


DL Foods, LLC  was founded on solid principles of integrity; offering quality, affordability and simplicity. We value our customers and the experience they encounter when using our products.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality products with the finest ingredients available to make your culinary experience simple, yet flavorful.

Our vision is that our passion for food (through our products) will fill many homes of family and friends, and the memories they share will create an unforgettable meal experience. Through our heritage in cooking, we wish to bring you many good experiences that can be shared for years to come.

A legacy that started generations before from Riva Trigoso, Italy and traveled thousands of miles to build fishing colonies in the San Fransisco and Monterey bay areas in California. Our family; one of five to have established a name in the local area, was known for fishing and great food.  After the days catch there were always family and friends gathering on the wharf to celebrate with songs and memorable meals.

Abbondante™ seasoning is a tribute to Mom and Dad for being such an inspiration; may your life be as abundant as ours. So try our Boccafina™ products to create your own unique memories with family, friends and food.