Fiore di Capra


Fiore di Capra is a Grade A goat dairy licensed and inspected by the Arizona Department of Agriculture to sell raw (unpasteurized) goat milk. We offer a broad range of goat milk products: fresh fluid whole milk, fresh and aged ripened cheese, Yogurt (Cultured Milk), Kefir, Cajeta, Caramels, Chevre Turffles and Chevrecakes (goat milk cheesecake).
Our products are available for sale at the following locations:
- on our website (
- at the Heirloom farmers market in Tucson, AZ. 4502 N 1st Ave.
- at the New Life Health Center on Swan/Speedway in Tucson, AZ
- at Food Conspiracy in Tucson, aZ

* Please note, we DO NOT ship or sell raw milk outside of the State of Arizona

Farm Practices:
- Our girls are fed only local browse and locally grown pesticide free alfalfa, bermuda and wheat hay.
- We do not feed our girls any soy or corn products
- Our herd is hormone free
- We do not use any additives or preservatives.
- Our milk is not modified in any way. Milk is filtered, chilled and bottled... as fresh as it gets! "Straight from the goat to the customer"