Felicia's Farm


Did you know that right here in Tucson there are thousands of people who struggle every day to get enough healthy food to eat? Our founder was inspired to help his community and honor his wife's memory by growing and donating fresh food.

Each week, Felicia's Farm donates an average of 250 pounds of produce and 100 dozen eggs to a local soup kitchen, helping 1,000 very low income and/or homeless people have better food to eat. With your help, we can continue to keep Growing + Giving! Fresh food for those most in need: Felicia's Farm provides eggs and fresh produce to give a much needed nutritional boost to the homeless and hungry in Tucson. Felicia's Farm donates 100% of the vegetables and eggs produced on the farm to a local soup kitchen and donates an average of 200 pounds of produce and 125 dozen eggs each week, helping over 1,000 very low income/homeless people have improved nutrition. We are always striving to produce more food sustainably and with your help, we can do more.

Currently our beneficiary is Casa Maria soup kitchen and they utilize everything the farm produces. Director Brian Flagg stated the Felicia's Farm donations are a huge help. Produce goes in family food bags and in the soup served on site. Eggs are hard boiled and given in the take away lunch bags (clients always ask if there is an egg in their lunch bag). Casa Maria serves between 500 and 800 people each day. Once production has increased, we will donate to other food pantries. Urban farming: In tandem with these efforts Felicia's Farm also educates the community about urban farming. In 2016 we had 750 volunteers and visitors to the farm who learned about growing their own food, raising chickens, and sustainable farming techniques.