Desert Springs Tilapia


Desert Springs Tilapia are naturally raised in clean lined ponds and raceways, offered nature's best feeds and sunshine, and harvested 7 days per week. This unique combination provides our customers with a great tasting, always fresh, premium seafood; 100% grown in the USA.

Desert Springs Tilapia is committed to the care and quality of our product. Harvested to order, packed, shipped and in stores within 12 hours. Processed with little or no human contact, Tilapia are transported alive or chilled immediately on ice and rushed to market. Because we harvest 7 days a week, our product is sure to be fresh when it reaches our customers.

Located within easy drive times to major seafood markets and major airports, Desert Springs Tilapia can supply fresh product (whole fish and fillet) on a continuous basis. Our farm is located 15 minutes off Interstate 8, midway between Yuma and Phoenix, Arizona just 90 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.