Covilli Brand Organics, Inc.


Where does Covilli's tasty greatness come from? Our heritage! When Terry Poiriez founded Covilli Brand Organics, he had a clear vision: take no shortcuts, do things right the first time in every facet of the operation.

Long before the world had caught on to the benefits of organic produce, Terry and his co-founders, Ernesto Moreno and Susan Solis, were growing great food, free of harmful pesticides, chemicals, additives, and genetic modification. Not because they had to, but because they knew that it was the right thing to do for the consumer, the farmworkers and our planet. At the North most point where you can grow produce during the winter, Covilli set a trend for growers throughout Mexico. Although we were the first to call Empalme valley home, we now share the valley with many other farmers, who have realized the benefits of the fertile Sonoran landscape.

Found At: Nogales Mercado Farmers Market