Café de Doña Ella


Almost all of the gourmet coffee available to consumers today does not provide details about the location and specific growing conditions of the product. This coffee provides you with a direct connection to the farmer (Direct Trade). When you buy this coffee, we can provide you with information regarding when the coffee was picked and who was involved directly in both the harvest and the processing of the final product.

Café de Doña Ella is an effort to bring you the best quality coffee, from the Highlands of El Salvador. It is farmed and processed by Manuel Alberto Santana-Bendix, a resident of Flagstaff who also owns his familys small coffee farm in El Salvador (Finca Grano de Oro). On the farm he grows the Borbon (Bourbon) variety of Coffea arabica, arguably the best variety of coffee trees.

Evidence of the quality of Café de Doña Ella is that the coffee from Finca Grano de Oro placed among the top 20 winners in the 2004 "Cup of Excellence," an international juried competition.

Found At: The Village Baker, Prescott Farmers Market, Flagstaff Community Farmers Market


(928) 527-8549

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