Bushido Organic Farm


Our new farm is located at a beautiful 6000 feet in northeastern Arizona. The farm is surrounded by the beautiful Sitgreaves National Forest. It is one of the many beautiful locations Arizona has to offer. The National Forest is untouched and still beautiful and remote. The farm has mountains all around and sits in the meadows below.  We established this farm in 2013. We plan on adding all the chickens and bees in the next few months and a few goats to help bring our family the milk we desire. Our farm was created for the purpose of self sustainability and health.  About 15 years ago, we felt the need of growing our own vegetables. We slowly started adding to our vision. The farm we currently own was our dream.  We were truly blessed to be able to purchase it last year. We are excited to bring to everyone the same healthy, fresh, and natural products we enjoy each and everyday.