Bunz and Breadz


The sole owner of Bunz and Breadz is entrepreneur Brenda Gloor. Brenda's 40 plus years in the baking industry has equipped her to stay focused, pay attention to detail and provide the best products to her customers.Bunz and Breadz was formed in 2014 as a compliment to Brenda's wholesale co-manufacturing business Four Beez Bakery producing out of the same 18,000 sq. ft. facility in Tempe. We are known for our authentic sourdough made the way sourdough should be made with starter from the Mother and 24 hour fermentation time. CALL US FOR YOUR SAMPLE TODAY!

Bunz and Breadz Bakery is small enough to offer custom formulation for the creative chef with a great idea, and automated enough be competitive with a quality product. Most of our bakery staff has worked together for many years and as a team they are dedicated to being a 5 star bakery that caters to 5 star restaurants and those that aspire to be. We look forward to meeting you soon and providing you with our high quality bread products. We invite you to join our happy family of satisfied customers!


(480) 855-6775

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