Broken Horn D Ranch


The Broken Horn D Ranch is located in the hills of Yavapai county in central Arizona. We began raising Corriente cattle in 2000, starting with just a few animals and growing our herds with home raised animals. Our cattle spend their days on the vast rangelands of our ranch where they receive the best of care in a natural environment. Our cattle are handled in a gentle, low stress manner from horseback.

The ranch headquarters where we live, is 130 acres and includes horse stables, hay barns, cattle pens and chutes as well as several 5 to 20 acre pastures. Freshly weaned calves spend a few weeks here, "bawling out" before heading off to larger range pastures. The balance of the ranch's 4,000 acres is comprised of private and State leased land. Each pasture has a name and we are blessed to have live water in several of them. An added benefit to grazing cattle on the land is keeping it cleaned up! The cattle eat brush and other vegetation thereby reducing fire hazard, reducing flooding by keeping waterways open, improving appearance and fertilizing the ground.

Kim McElroy is an Arizona Beef Quality Assurance Certified Producer. The BQA is a voluntary program that certifies that all cattle shipped from this ranch are healthy, wholesome and meet all state and federal standards. This certification program applies to the procedures utilized by the ranch for producing cattle. Our cattle meet the USDA standard as GRASS FED (all forage for the lifetime of the animal), NE3 (no hormones, no antibiotics, no animal bi-products) and Age and Source.


11325 Strickland Washington Road
Prescott, Arizona 86305
United States

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