Bee Oasis Permaculture Homesite


The Bee Oasis L.L.C. is a 1/4 ac permacultured homesite in Mesa, Arizona, owned by Don and Lily who are open to visitors for short stays either on the home futon couch or a shed conversion/glamping - AKA The Mini-Bee, good during cooler months (Late October through April) for travelers like WWOOFers, for short term visitors.


The Bee Oasis permaculture aspects include about 500 sq ft of organic veggie gardens, chickens, rainwater harvesting, composting, an edible/functional landscape and much more as a sustainable model in the PC community. Don's homesite is a teaching space; he has tours, classes and workshops. It is a great place to experience an alternative life. Plus, Don has a Xeriscape Garden Maintenance business, where he would be happy to show gardening skills and the plants of the area.