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Taste the Difference The Mangalitsa is a Very special Heritage Hog. The Mangalitsa pork is prized by top chefs and locals the world over for the tender texture and buttery flavor. Our goal was to bring to Arizona the world's best tasting pork. A flavor so rich that once you've tasted it you will never forget it. A pig so special it was once breed exclusively for royal families. The meat is red and marbled much like a Ribeye steak. The Mangalitsa Hog is known as Wagyu Pork. Our Mangalitsa Hog's are proudly raised humanely and are given plenty of food, sunshine and fresh air. Our Hog's are not given hormones or antibiotic's and are raised on a special diet to ensure their amazing quality. We invite you to Taste The Difference.

Found At: Quiessence @ The Farm


8353 E Warner Rd
Mesa, Arizona 85212
United States

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