Arizona Grass Raised Beef Co.


At the Arizona Grass Raised Beef Company, we take pride in the high quality and authenticity of our grass fed, grass finished products. By providing our customers with the facts and resources necessary to understand and navigate through the grass fed beef culture, we encourage consumers to seek education, ask questions and evaluate where their food is sourced.

Our philosophy is to remain 100% transparent in our sustainable practices, to minimize our carbon footprint, and to produce the highest quality grass fed, grass finished products. All of our cattle are born, raised and fabricated in Arizona at our very own USDA harvesting plant.

Our cattle are range bred, grass fed. Managed by cowboys on horseback, our cattle forage for their food across thousands of acres of Arizona ranchlands. Our cattle enjoy naturally occurring Arizona grasses, water, and flowers. Our free range method allows our cattle to enjoy a stress free lifestyle; we believe this method is far superior to any other ranching style.

We rely on windmills and solar power systems to ensure our sustainable ranch practices. No pesticides, insecticides or GMO seeds are ever used on our land.

Found At: Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market, Natural Grocers locations in Arizona


Phoenix, Arizona
United States

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