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Agritopia Farm Night is Back! 

Agritopia Farm Night connects urban dwellers with our Certified Organic produce, offering a beautiful space where people can learn, share, and build community through good food and local vendors. Similar to a traditional farmers market with a unique night time feel. Our Farm Nights are every 2nd Wednesday night, starting October 14th, from 5:00pm-8:00pm. Stroll the pathways that line the Farm, then savor the bounty at Agritopia’s restaurants.

Farm Night is located on the west side of the large Barnone quonset hut in front of our Farm Store.

About Agritopia


Organic urban farm and gardens in the Agritopia community. Growing produce, community gardening & an educational resource for urban agriculture. Organic produce, fruit, medjool dates, eggs and more. Self-guided and guided tours.

The farm is located at 3000 E. Ray Road in Gilbert AZ and is in the heart of the Agritopia community. Owned by the non-profit Johnston Family Foundation for Urban Agriculture, the The Farm at Agritopia is made up of several components demonstrating a model for urban agriculture. We offer a general tour of the farm on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 10am (meet at Agritopia Farm Stand).

The commercial farm is designed to flourish in an urban setting - instead of a huge field of one crop, you find a patchwork of numerous specialty crops. All of the produce grown on the farm is grown under the USDA organic protocol. The produce, including a variety vegetables, citrus, and medjool dates, is sold at the self service Farm Store on the West side of Barnone, open daily from 7am-7pm. Our produce can be found at several restaurants around property, including Joe's Farm Grill, Fire and Brimstone, Uprooted Kitchen, and Liberty Market.

We hold a small Farmers Market every Wednesday night from 5pm - 8pm to highlight fresh produce and local vendors.

The community garden is for individuals to participate directly in growing produce themselves. With over 40 plots, a community tool shed and lots of events, it is truly a community of gardeners. Plots are rented by the year and are 400SF, which can support up to three families. Be sure to contact us if your are interested in renting a plot. The public is welcome to wander through the gardens and see what the gardeners are growing. It is a great opportunity learn what grows seasonally in our area and to interact with gardeners.

Given the beauty of the farm, it is a natural place for people to take photos. Feel free to do so for personal use, staying within the public areas (don't enter the fields, please). Photographers that are being compensated are expected to pay a site fee to the non-profit, which helps defray the cost of maintaining the property. The site fee is paid on-line.


3000 E. Ray Road
Gilbert, Arizona 85296
United States

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The Farm Store is open daily from 7am-7pm. Since we're often busy out in the fields, it is a self service store. Farm Night is Wednesday nights 5pm-8pm.